Along the 7 Train

Posted August 25, 2014 by Real Cheap Eats
Photo by TheCoolQuest, (CC-BY)

For a few weeks at the end of summer, the 7 Train is the express route to some of the world's best tennisat the U.S Open tournament in Flushing Meadows, Queens.

But year round, the 7 cuts a path through New York City's most diverse borough, where incredible South Asian, Latin American, and regional Chinese cooking can be found in neighborhood restaurants. The key is knowing where to go, so this guide to cheap eats near 7 Train stops is here to make your journey to the Open delicious, affordable and adventurous.

First Stop: 74th St.-Broadway

This is Jackson Heights, where South Asia collides with the Americas.

In the storefronts of Roosevelt Ave., Broadway and 37th Ave., you'll find everything from Nepali goat head and foot stew to Mexican seafood cocktails , along with some of New York's best Indian sweets and a beloved purveyor of cheese-filled Colombian arepas.

Next stop: Junction Blvd.

This is Corona, where old-school Italian roots have been joined by a vibrant mix of Latin American residents.

Cool off with a frio frio (condensed milk + fruit syrup over shaved ice) or an Italian ice from the legendary Lemon Ice King of Corona. Beat your hunger with a towering Mexican sandwich. And don't forget to grab some tamales for the road.

Last stop: Flushing Main St.

This is Flushing, New York's most epic Chinatown.

Flushing is home to New York's best regional Asian cookingfrom juicy, delicate Shanghai soup dumplings to spicy, coconut-rich Malaysian curry laksa. For adventurous eaters, special culinary treasures await. Our very own Joe DiStefano has the lowdown on a Chinese pork marrow bone soup that comes with gloves and a straw and silky fresh tofu from a flower shop that doubles as a purveyor of sweet and savory treats.

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