Real Cheap Eats Takes Back the Mashup

Posted July 21, 2014 by Real Cheap Eats
Photo by Joe DiStefano

Products of migration, globalization and cross-pollination, culinary mashups are all over the map in NYC. In celebration of that fact, Real Cheap Eats has put together a guide to 36 border-bending dishes for $10 or less, including new finds and old standbys sure to sate anyone looking to dig into a proper mashup.

Some highlights, like our favorite bành mî joints serving Vietnamese sandwiches by way of France, are well-worn favorites for the cheap eats enthusiast. Lagman, a noodle that weaves through Central Asia and into China, offers a different interpretation country to country, town to town and even grandmother to grandmother. Curry’s global reach extends to spiced, channa-filled doubles from Trinidad and the katsu from a baseball-obsessed Japanese curry stand.

More novel mashups in our guide include a spicy street snack made from Nepalese instant noodles, a curious paneer tikka sandwich in Floral Park, and a plate of kimchi arancini in Prospect Heights. And if you haven’t heard of Guyanese Chinese food, then it’s time you got acquainted.

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