About Real Cheap Eats

The Real Cheap Eats Mission

Real Cheap Eats is an insider’s guide to dining out on a budget in New York. Reported, written, and photographed entirely by food writers and food explorers whose culinary expertise know only the bounds of a good deal, this guide focuses on foods that:

  • are truly cheap (every dish we highlight is $10 or less)
  • are surely delicious (some of the best dishes in NYC are surprisingly affordable)
  • reflect the diversity of New York’s many culinary communities (because one of the best ways to get to know our city is through food and the people who make it).
We're serious about helping you connect to local favorites, hidden gems, and foods that are just flat-out awesome. Click “ Guides ” to see the cheap eats curated by our collective of writers. Click “ Explore ” to traverse our growing digest of dishes on a map. Grow a second stomach, develop a new appetite, and experience a true taste of New York's food culture.

-James Boo, founder

Why We Do It

Real Cheap Eats got its start in the summer of 2011, when a a band of New York's hungriest food bloggers decided that they were fed up with "cheap eats" lists that served only a small portion of the global buffet that is the five boroughs of NYC.

The dish reviews and photographs from this guide come straight from members of New York's food blogging community. No crowd-sourcing, no sponsors, no deals. Just a few hundred of the city's best dishes, curated by the experts who make it their business to expose the affordable underbelly of the dining scene.

As bloggers, journalists, and adventurous eaters who take a bite out of the five boroughs every day, we've learned that an unending appetite requires a sensible budget — and we're happy to pass the savings on to our fellow New Yorkers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a Blog?

No. Real Cheap Eats is a living guide to the city's best dishes for $10 or less. It is also the collaborative effort of over 25 New York-based food bloggers, writers, photographers, designers and developers. Many of our cheap eats entries include links to a greater story on one of our food blogs, so click on those links to learn more about the foods, places, and people we love.

How often is this guide updated?

Since its first release, Real Cheap Eats has published quarterly updates from our collective food beats. Real Cheap Eats also has its own blog, which is updated regularly with news about the app and our contributors' edible travails throughout NYC.

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These photos are great! Can I use them on my own web site?

No, not without permission. Every contributor to Real Cheap Eats (and in some cases, the blog that originally commissioned the talent) owns the rights to his or her content, so if you would like permission to use any images in this guide in your publication or on your web site, you must contact that contributor directly.

Seriously? That’s all you’ve got on Staten Island?

We know. We’re working on it.

I can't believe X isn't on the website!